What is the reason for the price difference between different packaging boxes?
Why do different packaging box manufacturers offer different prices, and sometimes the difference is not small? I want to say that there are indeed some differences in the quotations of different manufacturers, but if there are many differences, the quality will definitely be different or there will be a misunderstanding. The editor can take you to understand where the differences are reflected in?
1. Box type. The layout of different box types is different, and the amount of paper used is also different.
2. Material. Different materials have different prices, different brands have different prices, different thicknesses have different prices, and of course the quality must be different. The requirements of Hefei Packaging for materials have always been guaranteed quality and moderate prices.
3. Design. Design is a very important part. Design is not only related to printing, but also to the impression of appearance. If you can understand the use of craftsmanship, you can reduce some complicated printing, which can be simple, generous and high-end, but also save costs. Generally, we will make some suggestions after we get the manuscript.
4. Back-end. The back-end process is mainly about crafts and punching. The craftsmanship includes bronzing, UV, bump, embossing, stringing, pasting and forming, etc. The prices are different for different processes.
5. Quality inspection. The quality inspection work is detailed and complicated. The gift boxes are mostly handmade and may be stained with dust and ink. We also make export product packaging boxes, so we have always had high requirements in this regard. The selection of quality inspections is relatively high. Strictly, try to make the customer's attrition rate lower.
6. Packaging. There are many ways to package the finished product. The craft box will be covered with a film bag and an outer box; the packaging box can be folded with stretch film and footboard or a carton; gift bags and paper cards will be counted and arranged neatly, each style Separately set the film bag.