Why do a series of jewelry set packaging boxes use more paper instead of plastic
I believe that many friends who want to make jewelry suit packaging boxes want to know why plastic jewelry boxes were so popular in the past. After 2010, the situation began to change rapidly, and many packaging factories began to transform to paper In addition to the sustainable development policy advocated by the country, what other reasons have caused this situation?
First of all, many plastic boxes have a characteristic, which is that they are relatively tall. In terms of carrying, they are not particularly suitable for consumers. When these jewelry boxes are used, there are only two situations. One is to take them out and give them to the other half. , Whether it’s a piece of jewelry or a set of a certain brand, in this case, if there are too many plastic boxes, it will undoubtedly cause a problem that is very bloated, but customizing a paper bag will cause another problem. Most of the plastic boxes They are all square and square, relatively tall, but his footprint is actually not large. It is more difficult for him to find a balance point for loading under a suit, while the paper jewelry suit packaging box is different, many paper Jewelry box manufacturers choose the box type, heaven and earth box and drawer box form. When they add the inner support, even the erected jewelry is not completely exposed, but only the core position of the jewelry is exposed. In this way, the height is mostly 60% to 70% of the plastic box, and the footprint and horizontal area will be stretched to a sharper, suitable for paper bags that can be placed neatly like building blocks.

Then, the natural advantage of the paper jewelry set packaging box is the craftsmanship used on the mounting paper. The surface of many plastic boxes is made of PU leather, or other non-paper outer mounting paper, and this type of exterior Most of the layer materials can only be hot stamped. However, the customization of paper high-end jewelry packaging is not the same. Even if it is specially processed special paper, you can also do some tricky things on it. Craftsmanship, and the special paper itself is a pre-processed craft, and it also has a certain aesthetics. Moreover, this kind of a series of jewelry suit packaging boxes, using the unique special paper as the mounting paper, can also be used as a symbolic Features that make an impression

In fact, no matter whether the plastic box or the paper jewelry set packaging box, it is inseparable from its own function, which is used to package the jewelry inside. In fact, the end user, or the consumer, how to proceed from the consumer's point of view to facilitate They use it, they use it happily, and the experience is good, only then will it be a truly meaningful change.